Announcement: Community Outreach Liaison at Ford Theatre Foundation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Accepted position as Community Outreach Liaison with Ford Theatre Foundation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission as of May 4, 2015.

Responsibilities Include:

– Research and identify performing artists, arts organizations and producers who are eligible for program opportunities with the LA County Arts Commission, such as the Ford’s Partnership Program, JAM Sessions and Big!World!Fun! family series and the Arts Commission’s Musicians Roster and Holiday Celebration, with an emphasis on ensuring that successful applicants reflect the diversity of cultural and artistic traditions practiced in the region.
– Build relationships between the Ford and artists, producers and community leaders.
– Inform targeted communities of Ford opportunities through informational presentations and by interfacing with the public at festivals.
– Participate in the development of the Ford Theatre Foundation’s new volunteer and advisory council programs both of which will be geared toward strengthening awareness and participation in Ford programming.
– Provide administrative support including but not limited to: scheduling, documenting and supporting facilitation of meetings, writing reports, creating spreadsheets, and maintaining program files and archives.
– Other duties as assigned.



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