June 7, 2014 – OTBMA Presents Soul Station Featuring Jessie Payo Live – Casa Del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

Playing drum set with talented singer / songwriter Jessie Payo at Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar Hotel at 7pm on Saturday, June 7. Her band will also feature prolific pianist Peter Smith.

Jessie Payo
Jessie Payo ran around the house singing show tunes and classic rock as a little girl in the Los Angeles area. But by the time she was 13, her natural talent was so pronounced she was fronting a band that went on to play the blues circuit for the next decade. “I come from a roots, rock, and blues background, a very organic setting,” she says. Jupiter Rising allows her to show off all the facets of her ability, from flowing rhymes to full-on wailing.

“Her voice just cuts through, and connects right away,” enthuses Spencer. “As an artist, she is completely unafraid.” Jessie’s disparate reference points – from the Beatles to Erykah Badu – enrich Jupiter Rising’s aesthetic even more. She may have started out singing the blues, but she also expresses love for European electronic acts like Daft Punk and The Knife.

Read more at http://www.artistdirect.com/artist/bio/jupiter-rising/3583699#EV5ZIDxkE7gsDqzY.99

OTBMA Presents Soul Station
Featuring Jessie Payo
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Casa Del Mar Hotel
1910 Ocean Way
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone:(310) 581-5533


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