August 27, 2013 – VIDEO: Ethio Cali Ensemble Live w/ Dereb The Ambassador – Blue Whale, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Todd Simon’s Ethio Cali Ensemble featuring Dereb The Ambassador appear in the following live video in support of their 2 Los Angeles-area performances at Grand Performances and Blue Whale. The performances took place on July 26 and July 28. Tadias Magazine was on hand to document the performance at Blue Whale. The songs performed on the video are “Shigey Shegitu” and “Etu Gela.”

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 4.35.11 AM

Video shot and edited by Andrew Freire.

Commentary: This video is one of my favorites featuring Ethio Cali. It documents the rousing Blue Whale nightclub/performance space show on Sunday July 28 featuring arranger/bandleader Todd Simon’s Ethio Cali Ensemble and Sydney-based massenqo player and vocalist Dereb Desalegn. Andrew Freire shot and edited the footage with aplomb. We had performed 2 days prior at Grand Performances and we’re ready to unleash it on a more intimate setting. Blue Whale just happens to be our favorite place to play. If this video doesn’t give you a sense of who Ethio Cali and Dereb are (together), I don’t know what will. Enjoy!


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