December 21, 2012 – Sam Barsh Trio Featuring Nick Rosen and Dexter Story – The Foundry on Melrose, Los Angeles, CA

Playing drum set on Friday, December 21, 2012 with pianist Sam Barsh’s trio featuring Nick Rosen on bass at The Foundry Melrose. Sam Barsh (born Chicago, Illinois 1981) is an American pianist, keyboardist, and record producer based in New York City. While he is known primarily for his work in jazz, he has worked in the genres of R&B, pop, funk, and electronic music.

Concert de Robin McKelle & the Soul City Horns - Robin McKelle (vocals, piano), Sam Barsh (piano, keyboard, melodica), Derek Nievergelt (bass), Mark McLean (drums), Clayton DeWalt (trombone), Scott Aruda (trumpet), Mike Tucker (sax) - Chevilly-Larue, 21 janvier 2011

The Foundry Melrose
7465 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone:(323) 651-0915

Commentary: Sam Barsh is a superstar. I enjoy playing with him. His mastery of multiple genres makes his shows unpredictable and fun. Having Nick Rosen on bass is the icing on the cake. Nick is my good friend and a very accomplished musician, bandleader and composer. And to top it all off, Eric Greenspan is an excellent chef/restauranteur. Looking forward to this hit.


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