December 1, 2012 – Ethio Cali Ensemble Live – Del Monte Speakeasy, Venice, CA

Playing drum set with Todd Simon’s Ethio Cali Jazz Ensemble on Saturday, December 1st in Venice. The Del Monte Speakeasy hosts a weekend night of funky Ethiopian fusion with the Ethio Cali band at The Del Monte Speakeasy underneath The Townhouse Venice. The band includes Todd Simon on trumpet/flugelhorn, Kamasi Washington on tenor saxophone, Alan Lightner on steel pan, Itai Shapira on guitar, Patrick Bailey on bass guitar, Steve Haney on percussion and Dexter Story on drums. Don’t miss this special concert.

Ethio Cali Ensemble
Saturday, December 1, 2012
The Del Monte Speakeasy
52 Windward Avenue

Commentary: I’ve been playing in Ethio Cali for over a year and we are sounding better than ever. All of the members are delving deeper into the music and culture of Ethiopia and it shows. The Del Monte Speakeasy is actually a good fit for us as we love the acoustics of the low ceiling stage and the vibe is right. I will contribute a few arrangements to the show and look forward to having you hear them.


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