October 7, 2012 – Gaby Hernandez and The Light Live @ Abbot Kinney Festival – Venice, CA

Performing bass and vocals with Gaby Hernandez and The Light at Venice’s popular Abbot Kinney Festival on Sunday, October 7. Gaby will perform new and old songs with band members guitarists Emile Poree and Damon Aaron, bassist and music director Dexter Story, percussionists Allakoi Peete and Carlos Nino and new addition drummer Jose-Gurria Cardenas on the dublab.com stage.

Dublab strives to turn you onto the most exciting and inspiring bands from across the greater Los Angeles area. Our combined mission is to show the world why L.A. is the best place for music lovers to live! Every band on this stage has been featured on dublab’s radio transmissions and we are thrilled to share their sounds with you.



Commentary: This band is growing and developing in leaps and bounds. Now with the addition of Jose-Gurri Cardenas on this particular show and Carlos Nino sitting in on percussion, the audience will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime rendition of The Light. Expect the songs to really come to life and the rhythms to move you.


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